It’s world animal day – I just adopted a monkey!!

4 Oct

Let me repeat that for you: A MONKEY!!!!!!!

I already donate money to a children’s hospice in this region and for a couple of weeks I also felt the urge to give something to animals. Everybody loves monkeys and everybody who knows me knows that I love monkeys above average. You might say I’m even married to one – and be quite right about it 🙂

So, I checked the website of the WWF but I hesitated. I didn’t want to give to an organization this big and not know where my money ends up. Even though I’m not able to donate large amounts, I would love to see even my small amounts make at least a tiny little difference. Then I remembered an organization from the time when I lived in Holland: Stichting AAP

This is what they do according to their website:

AAP is a European rescue centre and sanctuary for primates and other exotic mammals. Based in the Netherlands, we house animals from all over Europe. They have been confiscated, abandoned or offered by private owners as a result of illegal trade, were being exhibited in illegal zoos or used in biomedical research or the entertainment industry.

AAP specialises in housing primates, but other small, non-domesticated mammals, such as raccoons, skunks and prairie dogs, also find shelter at our centre. Many of the animals have a history of abuse and neglect. At AAP they receive the professional care needed for their physical and mental recovery. After a careful process of rehabilitation, long-term solutions are sought through outplacement. We aim to outplace our animals in relatively natural environments, such as renowned zoos and animal parks.

When I checked their website I found that you can adopt monkeys and I fell in love with the idea immediately! For not too much money you will be an adoption parent, supporting one specific monkey! They had a couple to choose from and I picked the one called “Timmy”.
What made me fall in love with Timmy was, that they described him as a peculiar character. Apparently he collects all kinds of stuff he likes and guards his things constantly. So I sent them an email, got in contact with a very nice lady and just a few hours later they told me I was a lucky new monkey-parent! They will send me a package with a picture of Timmy and an adoption certificate and they will keep me informed about how he’s doing regularly. I’m also allowed to visit him! Seriously, HOW COOL IS THAT!

Freaking awesome if you ask me! I can’t wait to receive my information package 🙂


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