About monkeys and charities

11 Oct

I’ve received quite some criticism about me adopting a monkey from an organisation and donating money and I just want to share a few thoughts on that.

I KNOW charity organisations call themselves charity organisations – yet they don’t work for free. I don’t judge any employee of a charity organisation who requests a salary that is needed to put food on the family’s table.
Still I want to be naive enough to think that not all charity organisations are only in it for their profit. I still believe there is good in people. I believe the Euros me and the other adoption parents of this or other monkeys of this organisations spend will be used for the good of this particular animal, be it for the person who feeds him or the doctor who checks on him or the peanuts he eats for lunch. I choose to think that general donations are for general expenses, that members of the charity organisation support all of the organisation from the cleaning lady to the fruit basket, with their monthly donation, and that if I pick ONE animal my money will go to THIS animal.

I KNOW that there are other causes. I could give to an organisation closeby, lend a helping hand there or I could give to human beings rather than monkeys. Yeah well, I think that’s up to me right? I like monkeys right now and it’s my money so I think I can spend it how I want! Plus, I already give to a children’s hospice and I sold my stitchings for donations this summer, to support victims of the flood. This time, I wanted it to be a monkey and nobody is to judge whether that is a better or worse cause than something else!

When I was kid I took the bike to get to my handball trainigs. I took the route through the woods. Not just because I enjoyed it, but I stopped to see the place where the raised storks. Sometimes you could see them outside. Whenever I had a coin to spare I dropped it in the little cash box next to the sign asking for donations to help the animals. I was just a kid, it wasn’t even a Euro I had whenever I passed by but several times a month I put something in this box.
The reason the storks were endangered, the reason monkeys land in the hands of the charity I chose this time, is humans. And as a human I feel obliged to give something back. I don’t think humans are more valuable than animals and I don’t think any good cause stands below another. I respect the support for a local sportsclub as much as donations for hungry children, as much as volunteer work for old people. As long as you do something! You can’t do everything right in your life, but you should do what you CAN do. I believe in that!
If you want to go veggie, do it! If you want to save the whales with Greenpeace, do it! If you want to go read the paper to lonely old people, DO IT! That would not be for me but I try to do something else to make the world just a tiny bit better! I’m not a good person, I still eat meat from animals that probably had a horrible life. I still wear clothes made by people who are working 60 hours and still can’t afford a living. I still buy bread at the supermarket and some local bakery might be struggling with their existence. I am not trying to pretend and tell you what a great and generous person I am and how my heart is bigger than my ass.

But in my little naive world I still want to believe that all good we want to do voluntarily from our hearts is a good deed and makes a difference.

And I fell in love with this little creature and hope, that my tiny financial contribution will make it possible to give this animal a life worth living for the last few years of its existence.


One Response to “About monkeys and charities”

  1. Vanessa October 11, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    Ich finde nicht, dass du dich erklären musst, weil du was spendest. Das sollen andere erstmal machen!
    LG Vanessa

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