5 things worse than thinking about bariatric surgery

12 Nov


Tomorrow I’m leaving for the hospital and the question I get asked all the time at the moment is: are you scared??

Well the answer is FUCK YES!!! BUT –  there are things that I find worse. Here are five of them!

5. Removing my dermal anchor.
*sigh* After 4 years of people staring at my chest because they thought I “had something there” I had to remove it for the big day. I’m really sad about it!!

4. Nightmares about waking up during surgery.
Mind you, I already fainted when I only HEARD about shit going wrong. Yikes.

3. People seeing me when I’m disgusting.
They are going to see me! All of me! Urgh! So I shaved my legs and armpits and scrubbed my feet. No one is going to give a fuck, but yeah.

2. Proteine shake diets.
Sorry proteineshakes, but you’re disgusting and I just love carbs so damn much!

1. GREY HAIR!!!! I found 2 this morning and pulled them out immediately. I feel so old when I find grey hair so I am not looking too closely in the mirror.

One last post from the old me by this time tomorrow and then my new me will take over 😉


One Response to “5 things worse than thinking about bariatric surgery”

  1. anna w November 12, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    I will be thinking of you sweety! ❤

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