No resolutions, just plans!

5 Jan

I could make many resolutions this year. But I won’t. I don’t want to focus on the things I COULD do, but on the things I WILL do.

Last year I made quite some things happen! I quit smoking (unplanned but hey, I’m not complaining about more money in my wallet and easier breathing!) and I started losing weight. Besides I did quite well on my resolutions from 2013: not giving so many fucks anymore! I feel more free and more relaxed.
So what could I want from myself this year? Of course I can’t wait to see what will happen to my body! I look forward to (hopefully) losing more weight, but I don’t want to start thinking about numbers. Because I have just no clue what I should wish for! 20 kilos? 30? 50? I just don’t know yet.

But I’ve made plans. And I’m determined to see them work out. I want to start doing things I could not do for the past years because of my weight. And I will work towards them.

I want to go to Europa Park again. I used to love amusement parks sooo much until I became fat. I haven’t visited amusement parks for almost a decade after I didn’t fit into a rollercoaster and felt as humiliated as never before. For my 30th birthday I went to Europa Park with my girlfriends and could go on so many rides, it was one of the best days of my life! This year I want to repeat this trip with my husband and I hope I can go on even more rides than before, sit more comfortable and be able to walk all day without pain. Also, I want to visit Euro Disney with my sister.

I want to go to Dubrovnik! My husband is from Croatia, but I haven’t seen much of the country yet, apart from his hometown, which I love! This year, for our fifth wedding anniversary, I want to go to Dubrovnik. I have been bugging him for years about this, but we never went. It’s just so hot in summer and Dubrovnik is always overcrowded with people and also really expensive during the holiday season. This year however, we WILL go. I have booked an extremely fancy hotel for our anniversary. On the day before or after we will explore the city. And there’s one thing I’m super excited about: taking a guded Game of Thrones tour!! Yes, you can book a tour to all the filming locations from Game of Thrones! Dubrovnik is the place where they film King’s Landing. I have read that the tour takes about 3 hours, plus Dubrovnik has many many many many many many stairs. It’s going to be exhausting 3 hours. And I don’t want to be the one holding up the group. I don’t want to be the slow fat girl with sweat dripping off her forehead and the whole group standing on the wall waiting for her. No, I will be a part of the group. I will walk and enjoy this day. That is my plan for 2013.

We will go to London! My husband got another tattoo appointment with Kamil, one of our favourite tattoo artists!! And that means we will go to London. Well: FLY to London. I’m quite excited about flying again. The last times I was flying people were not too eager to sit next to me and it made me feel like absolute shit. Not much feels as bad as a person rolling his eyes when he sees his seat is next to yours. Still 9 months to go so who knows, I might sit relatively comfortably next to my husband!

This week I will go to the gym and sign up. And this is not a stupid resolution. I can’t wait to move!!!! My legs want to, I can feel it. I feel like I can walk longer already, and with less pain. I can do this! I want to do some cardio fitness first and then, well, let’s see where the road takes me!

So these are my plans. I’m so excited about the changes this year and it all comes down to just one major plan: ENJOY LIFE MORE!

…and who knows. Maybe, just maybe, I can finally start dreaming about becoming a mom by the end of the year.


One Response to “No resolutions, just plans!”

  1. Vanessa January 6, 2014 at 12:05 pm #

    Das wird ein tolles Jahr für dich!!! Geh einfach mit Spaß an die Sache ran, dann kann gar nix schief gehen. Vielleicht treffen wir uns ja sogar im Disneyland, wenn`s schon nicht mit China klappt, denn wir fahren definitiv dieses Jahr dort hin 😉
    Und im Fitnessstudio hab ich mich letzte Woche auch angemeldet und war heute tatsächlich auch schon dort. Hat gar nicht so arg weh getan 😀
    LG Vanessa

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