Punkrock cross stitching project

10 Mar

So I was wondering…what should I stitch? What do I want to stitch? Everything I like is already being made. And then I listened to Rancid in my car and I knew about my next project!

I just LOVE the song “Radio” because every music lover can just relate to it. So I took the quote, stitched a banner around it and found a free boombox pattern online, added some little things and I kind of like it!

However, I still didn’t add the colours. And why is that? Because a new idea came up even before I was finished with the Rancid one! Again I was in the car, and Fidlar was playing. I find the phrase “I drink cheap beer, so what, fuck you” rather catchy and funny, so I eagerly made another pattern! Looks fancy in a golden frame 🙂

I was finished soon and wondered what else could I make. I was in the car with my husband and we were listening to the Mixtape my friend Timo made me. One of the songs was Hot Water Musics “Trusty chords”. While I’ve never been a fan of the band (although every second band I like is “recommended for fans of Hot Water Music/inspired by Hot Water music) I  must admit that the line “I hate this place but I love these chords” is a very, very strong line that many music lovers will understand. Plus, they have a logo that’s quite easy to recreate! Even though this is not the finished pattern (still need to check if all the sizes are correct and have to center the words) I already have a friend who’s interested! Well, that’s the good thing about doing something from a popular band 🙂 I am planning to make this and depending on how it goes maybe make a second as a gift for someone.

If you like my patterns I don’t mind if you use them. Only I would prefer if you did not sell them as your own. Please give credit, as I do the same thing!


One Response to “Punkrock cross stitching project”

  1. fallfromgrace349 March 10, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

    I love the Rancid inspired cross stitch, awesome 🙂

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