Music love: Iron Chic

24 Mar

Do you know that feeling, when you suddenly feel something? It’s a bit like falling in love. You’ve seen this person before, thought he was a nice guy but didn’t look for closer contact. And then one day you run into him again and BAM! You can’t stop thinking about him. You remember the words he said to you and repeat them in your head, again and again. You scroll back your chatlog and smile about the compliments he made you. And you feel he’s different enough from you to care what you’ve been through, but yet quite the same as you when it comes to those strange, weird and sometimes scary things you’ve been feeling and that he shares. He makes you feel understood, comforted and full of hope and puts his arm around you. He’s the type of guy makes you feel comfortable and completes a part of you.

I know it sounds cheesy. But that’s how I feel about the new Iron Chic record. It’s been out since November but I only just got it this weekend. I have seen them live on a little festival last year and liked it. I heard their songs before and liked them. And a few days ago I caught fire and couldn’t stop listening. From the first song on I sit and listen carefully and relate to the wonderful singalong lyrics about all those thirtysomething thoughts and doubts and worries that I have. Punkrock with a touch of Weltschmerz and so, so beautiful that right now I cannot understand how I have not fallen in love with this band sooner.

Their website says “Iron Chic – your previous least favourite band. Iron Chic is a decent band from Long Island, NY. They play songs that are acceptable”. That description goes perfectly with their musical and lyrical understatements. My friends and I are now eagerly awaiting their show in May!

Listen to the album here, support a small band and buy a record if you like it!


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